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Thank you for visiting our website, we are pleased to introduce to you our company history and mission, also clearing our product values and our outstanding passion in service which lets us choose to do this business .

EUROBURN was founded in 2014, based in Dubai Jabel Ali free trade zone.
Our company background comes from the experience of the founders in the field of civil and industrial heating since 1970.

Our mission is to lead the market with various range of products from burners and boilers.

The main support to achieve our goal is for the reason of being the only provider for competitive pricing while matching with European high Technologies.

We are also providing a wide range of spare parts available in our local stock for all the brands of burners that currently exist and have been selling in the market, such examples are SUNTEC pumps, BRAHMA control boxes, KROMSCHOEDER gas components, FIDA ignition transformers, STEINEN nozzles, and much more.

Our main products are entirely of Italian origin, and we are proud to announce our exclusive distributors for IVAR INDUSTRY (boiler) and F.B.R (manufacturer of burners).

We are able to provide products, engineering support and services that come directly from the European companies which we represent. We can grant to our customer a complete package from the engineering study to the installation of the machines.

We can also develop for our customers, new or existing projects for oil or gas steam boiler, a full and complete turnkey option.

Our VALUES are transparent and appreciated to all our existing and new customers, as always our solutions will meet the requirements and needs as well.

We also provide certified products according to the highest European standards for: Bakeries, Hotels, all types of Industries, laundry, hospitals, naval field and food industry.

We are sure that you will find us the ideal partner to develop a mutual profitable business relationship, and we have confidence that our unique service and prices will let us achieve our mission to be the leader of the market.